About Us


Jennifer - interior designer, mom of four (six if you count the dogs, and we do), and YaYa to Miss Addy and Harper Grace.

Jen’s eye for design and creativity are simply unmatched. She is a jeans and ball cap wearing, wine drinking, FRIENDS fanatic at heart. Most days she can be found staging homes with her business, Stage Tucson, or hanging out poolside with her lobster, Chuck.


Jordyn - attorney, taco and ice cream connoisseur, and avid Kansas State University fan.

Although Jordyn loves getting on the golf course to hack away, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his daughter, Harper Grace, and lady, Brittnee. When Jordyn isn’t at the office or with his girls, you can find him at our warehouse smelling the wood products.


Brittnee - stay-at-home-momma, lover of chicken nuggets, and sucker for a good RomCom.

Brittnee spends most days changing diapers, reading deep baby literature, and longing for a nap. She is passionate about her family, friends, throw blankets, and a really good mimosa.


Our Story

In early 2019, Jordyn and Brittnee started the search for their first home and after just a few open houses, they had found THE ONE. Jordyn and Brittnee are both people with a NEED for a plan, so they started searching and planning for what they would do to each room. They enlisted the help of mom, Jennifer (maybe using the grandbaby as some leverage), and talked her into helping with the move and the design. After many, many trips across town to many, many department stores, they were disappointed at how little they were able to find and how hard they had to search. Over and over they noticed that the product seemed of poor quality, or wasn’t quite hitting the mark, and that many stores also had the same products. A little defeated, the three of them (all natural born problem solvers), decided to do something about it. They started searching, strategizing, and solving. Within a few months, they decided they could “really do this thing.” After hand selecting products, a little family pep talk, and a few (maybe more) drinks, White Willow Collection became a reality. 

White Willow Collection is proud to be nestled in the heart of Springfield, Missouri. Jennifer, Jordyn, and Brittnee are always willing to help you in your home decor search. If there is anything we can help you find that isn’t offered on our site, we’d love for you to email us at info@whitewillowcollection.com.

Photo by: Aytek Photography